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Holidaying in Burma? Of course you can

Added 26 Jun 2012
Holidaying in Burma? Of course you can

After a 16-year tourism boycott, Burma is back on the tourist map offering adventurous travellers a unique opportunity to experience South East Asia as it used to be.

MyanmarFor a decade, we’ve been discouraged from travelling to South-East Asia’s largest country. But in May 2011, it was announced that tourists could return, albeit with the right attitude.
Burma wants its visitors to promote the welfare of its people, to conserve its environment and to gain an understanding of its cultural, political and social life.

So here's how to holiday in Burma.
In short, visitors to Burma must travel responsibly – an attitude that we are keen to promote as part of our Burma Holidays.
And with Burma’s unique culture, pristine environment and fragile political background, understanding how to travel responsibley has never been more important.

Walking holidays are an ideal way to travel and embrace responsible tourism. Travelling at a slower pace, you can take the time to stop and speak with tribes-people, soak up sounds and smells, learn new skills and reflect more on your experiences.  Whether it’s through a dedicated trekking holiday or by making a concerted effort to travel by foot where possible, taking your time to get closer to the country will enrich your journey and help you better understand Burma's personality.

Holidaying in Burma? Of course you can do it, so long as it’s done in the right way:

Burma-MonksRespecting religion
With 90% of Burma’s population practicing Buddhists, its vital that we respect the religious values that underpin every aspect of their life. Talk to local people, speak with the monks, and discover how to experience their religion without disturbing their practice.

Environmental awareness
Almost half of the country is cloaked in dense, tropical forest, and jungle animals such as tigers, leopards, rhinoceros and wild buffalos can all be found here. An almost untouched environment, ecological understanding and respect are crucial.

Cultural understanding
Partially isolated from the rest of the world for so long, it’s important that we’re conscious of this past - be aware of how your actions, attitudes and appearance can have an impact on the people you meet.

inle-lakeA country with a fragile past and unique outlook, the people of Burma welcome visitors but ask that they come with impartial attitudes and open minds, ready to learn more about Burma’s culture, people and political past.
But if acting responsibly and travelling by foot sound a bit too tame for your liking, think again. Burma is bursting with opportunities for action and exploration. We offer adventure holidays that will draw you deeper into the raw beauty and natural wonders of Burma, whether it’s cycling through the Shan State Highlands, leg-rowing through the reed-beds at Inle Lake, or cruising along the Irrawaddy River.

From tribal villages and ancient capitals to tropical-forests and mountain retreats, Burma has so much to offer and, with the right approach, we can now play a role in celebrating the splendours of this incredible country.

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