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Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro

  • Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro

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Rising from the savannah of East Africa to the staggering height of 5895m, not only is Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa but it is also the tallest free-standing mountain on earth. Conquering its unmistakable snow capped peak has been the dream of keen trekkers as well as seasoned mountaineers for decades.

And rightly so, as Mount Kilimanjaro showcases some truly unique features. Its lower slopes are dense with lush forest yet the mountain is surrounded by vast expanses of dry savannah; its caldera is covered with ice yet this dormant volcano is situated near the Equator.
There is no doubt that the views from its top are the greatest reward of all: from Kilimanjaro’s summit it is possible to observe the curvature of the planet and on a clear day the views stretch as far as the plains of the Masai Mara.

However, Kilimanjaro has much more to offer than just its awe inspiring views: embarking to an expedition to the roof of Africa is the equivalent of travelling on a trip from the Equator to the Arctic as the landscape varies from bushland to tropical forest, from moorland to heath and alpine desert.

Kilimanjaro might be one of the toughest trekking challenges in the world - but we believe you can conquer it! We have several specialist treks to its summit, using the two most beautiful and quietest trekking routes - Lemosho and Rongai. Our treks include a generous amount of acclimatisation time, giving you the best possible chance of reaching the summit at Uhuru Peak.

There’s no getting round it: climbing Kilimanjaro is tough, but over the last year no less than 95% of our trekkers have successfully made it to the top.

Lemosho Route

The Lemosho Route tackles the mountain from the west and uses different ascent and descent paths, allowing you to experience a wider range of spectacular views along the way. The trek begins in the Lemosho Glades at 2100m and climbs the mountain over seven days – a slow enough ascent to give you the best possible chance of acclimatising and reaching the summit. The trek is eight days in total, including summit day and the descent.

Our treks on the Lemosho Route:

Kilimanjaro – Lemosho Trek
Kilimanjaro Lemosho Trek + Zanzibar Island

Rongai Route

We also trek on the Rongai Route. Like Lemosho, this is a little-used trail with spectacular scenery and different ascent and descent paths. Beginning at Nale Moru (1950m) on the northern side of Kilimanjaro, we make our ascent over five days. The trek is six days in total, including the descent. Our Rongai ascent is shorter than Lemosho because we will already have completed a four-day acclimatisation trek on 4562m Mount Meru beforehand, enabling a safe ascent of Kilimanjaro over just five days.

Our treks on the Rongai Route:

Tanzanian Volcano Trek


10 Reasons to climb Kilimanjaro with Explore

  • Our Kilimanjaro ascent rates are slow and safe, resulting in a much higher than average summit success rate of 95%
  • The safety of our treks on Kilimanjaro has been assessed by independent medical specialists
  • Unlike many other tour operators on Kilimanjaro, our rate of ascent complies with Wilderness Medicine Society (WMS) guidelines
  • All of our guides and trek leaders on Kilimanjaro are first aid trained
  • Oxygen cylinders and Gamow bags are carried on all treks for emergency use
  • We actively support our trek crew through the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP)
  • Our local partner is a long established and reputable Kilimanjaro specialist
  • All Explore trekking staff are from the local area – revenues from our treks benefit the local economy
  • We carry portable toilets on all treks to avoid degrading the mountain
  • Unlike some tour operators, we include the US$880 Kilimanjaro park fees in the price. There are no hidden extras with Explore. 
  • Kilimanjaro with Explore – SAFE, RESPONSIBLE, HONEST

Extend your Trek

All of our Kilimanjaro treks can be combined with a four day visit to Zanzibar. Blessed with an idyllic year round climate and surrounded by some of the Indian Ocean’s finest beaches, you can swim, snorkel and unwind after your trek.

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