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Experiences Winter Escapes with Explore

Winter Escapes with Explore

It might be difficult to imagine winter and Christmas already, but booking your winter holiday now will give you something to look forward to come the cold days and dark nights.

With a range of appealing locations with warmer climates and stunning scenery, here are our top destinations for your winter escape 2016.


Travel to Morocco for warm daytime temperatures and hardly any rainfall its the perfect opportunity to sleep under the stars in a Bedouin camp, wander through the rambling souks and ride camels across the desert.


Vietnam provides a stunning backdrop to your winter getaway. From the mighty Mekong Delta to the energetic Ho Chi Minh City and the royal heritage of Hué, the people are as warm and welcoming as the climate.


Explore Southern India where the rural villages and backwaters of Kerala make the ideal backdrop to weather that rarely drops below 20 degrees and can reach highs of 33 degrees.


Head for the beautiful beaches of the island nation Sri Lanka where it's position along the equator means it enjoys a warm average temprature of between 26-30 degrees. The south is particularly warm and dry in January making it the ideal time to see this beautiful country.


Experience the golden spires of Burma at sunset in February where the monsoons have left and the heatwaves have yet to arrive.


The drier conditions of Cuba make March a great time to experience its culture - from the streets of Havana to the lush tobacco plantations of Sierra Maestra and the forests up in the mountains overlooking Trinidad.

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